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Public domain audiobooks, six days a week, for folks with a Catholic taste in literature. Enjoy! Clan Honor Mondays: Fitz-James O'Brien works. Lit Tuesdays: Short stories, novels, or poems. Acts of the Wednesdays: Early Christian works. Mystery Thursdays: Mystery short stories or novels. Lit Fridays: Short stories, novels, or poems. Saintly Saturdays: Later Christian works.

Mary reading to ChristA Vatican Library catalog page, 1518

Monday, November 07, 2005

#37: "A Terrible Night" by Fitz-James O'Brien

Clan Honor Monday begins the week with this story, wherein two young men traveling through the forests of upstate New York learn the nightmarish dangers of staying with people you don't trust.

Interesting, evocative, and not too long -- a sort of Twilight Zone story from before Rod Serling or Kafka ever showed their faces. It also goes along with my theme for this week, which is "Huntin', Shootin', and Fishin'".

"A Terrible Night"
18 min.


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