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Mary reading to ChristA Vatican Library catalog page, 1518

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

#39: The Shepherd of Hermas, Book 1

Nothing like an early Christian "bestseller", huh? Lots of visions, lots of allegories, lots of parables, lots of food for thought. (Lots to disagree with, too. Good thing this book didn't get into the Canon.) Still, it's a book well worth reading.

Also, you get to meet Hermas, an ex-slave shady Christian businessman, whose wife for some reason has a sharp tongue and whose kids keep getting into bad habits or abandoning the Church, but who's still basically a nice guy. Sorta.

Vision 1
Vision 2
Vision 3
Vision 4
Vision 5, Part 1
Vision 5, Part 2
Vision 5, Part 3
1 hr 43 min


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