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Monday, December 19, 2005

#65: "Three of a Trade" by Fitz-James O'Brien

I actually managed to get a little podcasting done! So here's another New Year's story from Fitz-James O'Brien, because back in his day in New York, Santa and Kriss Kringle came at New Year's. (Apparently back in his day, midnight was quiet except for bells, too.)

This one is about two street children who are still awake at midnight, waiting for Kriss Kringle to come. Yes, this is O'Brien. Yes, it's gonna be sad. Hankie alert!

Please note that archive.org's audio pages have changed. The only streaming link is over to the left side, and so are all the file-playing ones. You can still access individual soundfiles by going to the "individual files" or "http" links on the page. This will produce a pop-up window. I am going to keep providing links from here, which should also still work. (They've also changed their editor for file information, so I may actually be able to fix some problems that have been bugging me.)

"Three of a Trade"
15 min.


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