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Mary reading to ChristA Vatican Library catalog page, 1518

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I Didn't Mean to Be a Woman of Mystery....

It's becoming apparent to me that I'm not putting enough information about this blog, or indeed my own website, on my archive.org recordings. Witness this nice lady's puzzlement. Fortunately, we shared an acquaintance who still remembered me from the Continuing Time list.

(What relationship did the Morans have with the People of Peace back in the Old Country, one wonders? And can one count genetically and neurologically altered people as Fair Folk, like us but not really human, and capricious to humans because they don't share our concerns and point of view? But at least the Fair Folk didn't tell you that you really had to get with the program and send them your children to be turned into changelings, and live forever in a land that wasn't real, built on silicon instead of cold iron.)

But all parenthetical speculations aside, I've really got to do something about this. The problem is that I've got sixty directories up already, and to make any changes in the notes, I'll have to re-upload all my files. Which will be a right pain in the left buttock. Sigh.

I actually thought of emailing the lady back at the time, since it was her Tam Lin site that put me in mind of doing a big version of the song, but we all know what happens to email when I'm even vaguely busy. Also, that wasn't long before I started getting sick, IIRC. Also, I didn't realize she knew Batya, too, and had some of her art on the Tam Lin website.

So I'm interested to see the transcript, but I'm also a bit concerned about my diction on the song. Obviously my enunciation failed in a few places, or my microphone technique, anyway. Must practice more! But at least the song is available to folks in some form, and that's the general idea for all the audiobooks on this blog. Or podcast. Or whatever it is.


Anonymous hugh said...

no you can update the info w/o uploading the whole files on archive.org ... check bottom left, RESOURCES/edit details.

3:49 PM  

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