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Mary reading to ChristA Vatican Library catalog page, 1518

Friday, December 30, 2005

#70: Sheer Dunsanity -- Week Two!

The second third of Lord Dunsany's Fifty-One Tales.


"The Latest Thing"
"The Demagogue and the Demi-Monde"
"The Giant Poppy"

"The Man with Golden Ear-rings"
"The Dream of King Karna-Vootra"

"The Storm"
"A Mistaken Identity"
"The True History of the Hare and the Tortoise"

"Alone the Immortals"
"A Moral Little Tale"
"The Return of Song"

"Spring in Town"
"How the Enemy Came to Thlunrana"
"A Losing Game"

"Taking Up Piccadilly"
"After the Fire"


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