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Mary reading to ChristA Vatican Library catalog page, 1518

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

#44: Mr Sponge's Sporting Tour, Part 2, by R.S. Surtees

The foxhunting, money-hunting fun continues as Mr. Sponge tries to prove himself to a hunt and sell a horse.

"...Mr. Caingey Thornton and Mr. Spareneck should be especially deputed to wait upon Mr. Sponge, and lead him into mischief. Of course it was to be a 'profound secret,' and equally, of course, it stood a good chance of being kept, seeing how many were in it, the additional number it would have to be communicated to before it could be carried out, and the happy state old Tom was in for arranging matters. Nevertheless, our friends at the 'Imperial' congratulated themselves on their success...."

"Early to bed and early to rise being among Mr. Sponge's maxims, he was enjoying the view of the pantiles at the back of his hotel shortly after daylight the next morning, a time about as difficult to fix in a November day as the age of a lady of a 'certain age.'"

Chapter 7: Our Hero Arrives at Laverick Wells
Chapter 8: Old Tom Towler
Chapter 9: The Meet -- The Find, and the Finish
Chapter 10: The Feeler
Chapter 11: The Deal, and the Disaster
Chapter 12: An Old Friend
1 hr 49 min


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